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  • Elizabeth Marie

Moving Through Shadows

At the end of last year, I lost a dear friend. A friend I had the privilege of journeying with as she battled cancer, seeking God for her miracle. Now she is healed and whole dancing in the arms of Jesus, but I am sad that we will never again on this side of heaven be able to catch up for coffee or celebrate her miracle together on earth. I am disappointed that we can’t walk up a mountain together to praise our Lord.

In this state of grief, I noticed that my mind remembered some of my struggles of the past, some things I would never have wanted to know about or experience. The intense nerve pain I suffered, so I had a disc out in my neck c5/6 region to attempt to stop the pain that was so bad that I wanted my life to end. The fear of the surgery when I had to sign on the dotted line that I could become a quadriplegic. This surgery, unfortunately did nothing to stop the pain. However, God gave me another way to eliminate the pain; I learned so much through my journey. Other struggles I have had; are my own mental health challenges and that of my daughter, that awful darkness we went through, but praise God, we are both through now into the light.

I have been incredibly sad for my friend, but I know she is happy now and filled with joy with her Lord. She is like Mary sitting at His feet, a place where she always wanted to be, but I miss her and the outcome she wanted, which was to remain for longer on this earth.

But I know it is not healthy to remain looking at those dark places. God, after all, tells us to focus on whatever is right, true, noble, pure, lovely, and admirable, and if anything is excellent and praiseworthy, to think on these things.

I am reminded once again of acceptance, to accept this loss, and to know and trust that good will come. God has promised us that. And for my friend, I can think of the wonderful legacy that she has left on this earth. I am inspired by her to do the same.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, noble, right, or admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.

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