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My Story

I was born in London, England, the youngest of two daughters to two medical specialists. From a young age I loved stories loving that I had memories of my father reading to me which was so precious as when I was three my mother and father split up and then after they got back together again , he died, when I was ten.


My father also inspired me in my love of music, and I began to learn piano, clarinet, guitar and singing. I always have had nose in a book and when I was young, I used to spend all my pocket money on books.

I had always wanted to write and in my earlier years I wrote short stories, many letters and I would also journal. I had wanted to write about my father’s life but I had opposition from my family and so I left his story untold. 

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During my dental studies I was awakened to the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ and became His disciple.

My life got busy as I moved to Nelson in 1988 and started my practice as a Dentist then I met my husband John and married in 1989.

We had three children two girls and a boy. 

My love of music and writing have always tugged at my heart so I would try and fit them into my life.

I began doing writing courses and after one course "Completing your first novel", I wrote the novel The terrible and great year of Molly Evans

under the name Karen Heslop.


This novel contains some heavy subject matter and is loosely autobiographical, but is fictionalized for more effect.


At one time in my life after some spinal injuries I was very unwell and had to retire from Dentistry, and thought that perhaps I could write at this time

but it was not to be. I could hardly use my hands because of intense pain. God led me to a miracle and I found that I could rewire my brain, so back

to my career I went. However, the dream of having a writing business has never left me. So, when unforeseen circumstances meant that once again,

I was unable to work as a Dentist, I could begin to work on my writing and publishing business.

I hope you enjoy the stories I have created in the clean and wholesome romance genre and that they will encourage you, entertain you and

take you on adventures that will lighten your heart.

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