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Relax, enjoy the journey and discover the love of God

in a truly unique way

Love Under Investigation

A painful past and resulting anger at the world have kept Sara Ward from moving forward with her life. She’s accepted this until Ezekiel Cane walks into her life again, a reminder of the past she
ran to New York to forget and a mockery of how little she has accomplished.

Ezekiel Cane has written many successful articles, and God has always led him to the right sources of help for each investigation. This time, however, he is convinced God is making some sort of joke when the only person that can truly help him is the person that hates him the most: Sara Ward.

Yet, even when faced with her unwarranted and scathing hatred, he wonders if he can get through to her and lead her to Christ.
If a complicated history between the two wasn’t enough, their task ahead will be no easy feat.

How can they prove that a huge American corporation is hiding its CEO’s murder? They’re in for quite the ride.

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Love Never Lost COVER B.jpg
Love Never Lost

Ezekiel Cane has published what should have been an award-winning article, but, instead of receiving accolades, he finds himself the target of a media hate campaign.


It’s a misunderstanding, but the only other person who could clear it up, Sara Ward, cannot help him because of memory loss. He’s okay with weathering the storm though, as he believes he’s put her through enough and he doesn’t want to hurt her further.


It’s painful enough that she has forgotten everything that was between them. Maybe God is leading him away from this career and he wonders if he wouldn’t mind letting it go.

Sara Ward may have lost her memory, but by some miracle of God, she hasn’t forgotten her faith and her encounter with Jesus. This faith is what prompts her to help Ezekiel Cane, as he is in dire need of someone who can help calm the media storm.


However, she wants to do this as his publicist, not as the other person involved in the article, and she wants to keep things completely platonic, despite their previously budding romance.

She will soon find that boundaries are difficult to set when the media brands them as America’s would-be favorite couple. Can these two rekindle their romance despite the obstacles facing them?

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Love Called To Serve
Love Called to Serve Cover (1).jpg

A love triangle Christian romance. Will Ezekiel win the heart of either of them?

Experience the heart-wrenching journey of Sara Ward and Ezekiel Cane in this captivating Christian romance novel.

Despite having everything she ever wanted, Sara finds herself too busy to make time for God while Ezekiel is torn between his rekindled relationship with his ex and his growing feelings for his best friend. As they embark on a mission trip together, they are pushed out of their comfort zones, leading them to confront their deepest fears and emotions.

Will they take a leap of faith and embrace their love for each other, or will their past failures hold them back?

Don't miss out on this gripping love triangle that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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The Love Series

Three Books All In One

Want to read all the books in one sitting?

Well, now you can!

This box set contains the entire series in just one book.

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The Reluctant Billionaire
the_reluctant_billionaire_v1a (1).jpg

Confronted with the harsh reality of his ruined dreams, Andy returns to his home in Auckland city to make peace with his family.

His new life of sobriety is tested as he is asked to take on the role of CEO of his father’s business empire. A position he never wanted.
But his choice is to fulfill his father’s wishes or his sister and his inheritance will be given to charity.

But to meet the requirements of the role. He has to be married.

Disillusioned and burnt after an abusive marriage, the last thing on Marie’s mind is an arranged marriage, even if it will eliminate her family’s debt. She has her two young daughters to consider.

But she always had a secret crush on her best friend’s younger brother, Andy. Could she dare to risk her heart again?

How does it sit with her faith?


Or would it just be another disaster?

Debra Wallace's life is a model of precision—successful career, vibrant social life, and a bright future.


But when an unexpected PTSD episode threatens her job, she's pushed into therapy with Alex Miller, an enigmatic therapist known for his unorthodox methods. As their sessions veer into investigative territory, boundaries blur and shocking truths emerge.


Drawn to each other, Debra and Alex unearth painful secrets, testing the limits of their professional and personal lives. In a narrative of healing, faith, and unexpected love, they confront their demons together.


As they delve deeper, their connection might either heal their pasts or shatter their worlds.

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Love After Trauma
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