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Writing In The Present World Environment

Until recently, I hadn’t thought of the challenges of writing as a Christian in the present world environment. Of course, I am aware of what is happening on the political world stage, and I have been affected by it personally. I prefer not to focus on it too much, or else it could do my head in. Sometimes it does!

However, I am writing for those people who are happy to follow or read about people following the guidelines in the bible, a heterosexual relationship, one man for one woman. I am choosing to write clean and wholesome romance.

In my business journey, in my efforts to develop a following, I connect with other romance writers. There are so many different genres and niches in the world of romance. Some of them I don’t even understand what they are, and I think I will keep it that way. I left a Facebook group yesterday as I am not interested in connecting with others who write that sort of material. Also, they won’t be interested in connecting with me. Even in the Christian genre, there are many different niches: Amish, historical, romantic suspense, beach romance, and billionaire romance, to name a few. And as I am choosing to write contemporary romance and not Amish, for example, I want to collaborate with those who are more specific to the niche that I write.

I must say that after reading some Facebook posts yesterday, my eyes were opened. I remember years ago reading an article about something, and I felt shocked and traumatized, so I will keep my blinkers on thanks. There is so much darkness and distress out in the world, and I want to focus on overcoming and what is good.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

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1 Comment

Tonya Wood
Tonya Wood
Jul 23, 2023

Hey, Elizabeth. I'd love to connect! I was writing the wrong things and the Lord pulled me out of it about two years ago. One late night I heard Him ask me, "Why are you not writing for me like you're supposed to?" So, I took down all 32 books I had published and began anew. I love writing Romance as happy endings are my favorite, and I feel we would really get along! If you'd ever like to chat, please let me know. I feel like I'm stumbling blindly on this new journey, as all of the old writing friends I used to have now think I'm a lunatic (haha.) I hope to hear from you sometime. God bless…

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