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The Faithfulness Of God

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Today is a special day as I sit on a plane about to embark on an adventure to Vanuatu. I’m traveling with my husband and youngest daughter. It is her first time overseas and she’s very excited.

As I sit listening to music on the plane the song ‘Reason’ comes on. This is the song I discovered and spent a weekend dancing and celebrating God’s goodness to as my sister agreed to sell the house we had inherited.

And what a journey it has been, and are still on. One where my husband and I ended up in debt, and after selling our house to clear most of it, I ended up living in a caravan loaned to us free of charge on our farm, no hot water and a portaloo. How far I had fallen from a privileged daughter of a nouveau-rich mother living in Auckland to this. I felt so ashamed. Over that first year on the farm, my husband and I did up a container house and we’ve been living in that for the last eight years. But how I wanted a proper house.

When I inherited half a house at the time we couldn’t sell it for what it was worth so we kept it. And I was so excited the weekend my sister agreed to sell it. But then the following week it flooded in a freak flash flood in Auckland. I didn’t do much of the renovation journey, my sister did, but when I walked around the house, I felt pretty disappointed and stressed just looking at it. What a mess. BUT GOD!

I reassured my sister that it was going to work out that God had been speaking to me through the journey and many times he had told me to wait. He often tells me to wait and this time my answer was: What really? Okay, I surrender. And then my sister agreed to sell it. I was so excited dancing and singing so much that I could hardly sleep my back was so sore!

Then the following week the house flooded. So we had to renovate and we renovated more than what was damaged. We ditched the hideous golden velvet curtains, great in their day but outdated; painted everything, and installed new showers. But of course, much of it was under insurance. And because of this when the house was sold at auction, we got the top market price. Even though I knew all would be good at the auction, as I sat listening to the bidding I was still nervous, my heart tapping unevenly against my ribs.

Did you know that the root of the word wait in this verse: Psalm 37:7 Quiet your heart in His presence and wait patiently for Yahweh, can mean to whirl or to be in labor? It seems an unusual concept for waiting on God. It can seem like we are spun around or whirled by our circumstances but in the end, our season of waiting will birth new and greater things. This has certainly been my experience.

So today as I travel, I am grateful and I look forward to the next part in my journey.


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