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People Make Adventures Exciting

 It's the people you meet along the way, that really make adventures special.

Yesterday was a day of exploring the beautiful area of Golden Bay (Mohua). And we picked up a hitchhiker, Mark from Germany, who was on his way to the Heaphy track. To get to the Bay, you must travel over the windy Takaka hill also known as Marble Mountain, and it is as if your whole body relaxes as you descend over the other side. There is so much of God’s creation beauty there, and manmade with the cute little town of Takaka filled with artisan fare, artwork, and beautiful food. We had a lovely lunch at The Wholemeal Cafe on the main street of Takaka.

The reason we were traveling there was to drop off our daughter and a friend to hike the challenging track known as Dragon’s Teeth. Their first day was 22 km to the Boulder Lake hut, the view from which looks stunning.

 As we drove Mark to the start of the track, he told us about his adventures in Central Asia. He told us of how one of his friends was killed and another taken hostage for six years. Mark tried to stop a stoning, that was in progress in front of him. Remember Jesus and the women caught in adultery? But he was unsuccessful and was told to mind his own business. So when we struggle with what we see going on in our Western culture, I am reminded how amazing the freedoms we have here. He said his extensive tramping in New Zealand was a time for relaxation, whereas even to get to some of the magnificent peaks in Asia, were almost impossible. He was jailed twice. Once for speaking to a woman. I am reminded to be grateful.

There are so many unique places to see in Golden Bay. In the past we have visited Harwood's hole an underground marvel, and Pupu Springs; a leisurely walk to see the largest freshwater springs in New Zealand with a clarity rating of 75 metres. It is a sacred place or wahi tapu to the local Maori tribe there.


Another spectacular place to visit is the Farewell spit 34 km long which you can only visit with the Farewell spit ecotours. It has beautiful bird life to see including a gannet colony, and a lighthouse. We didn’t have time to do all these adventures in one day.

  We did, however, enjoy the visit to the Rockville Machinery and Settlers Museum. It was rich with history in many areas and well worth a visit, and a visit to the Langford historic store. 

Of course, part of the Golden Bay area is the end of the Abel Tasman track, which is one of my most favorite places in the world. It is so beautiful and the coastal track is easy to walk, almost like a highway the golden sands compressed into paths along the coast.

  If you want adventure and relaxation, go to Golden Bay and if your trip around the Abel Tasman National Park is limited by time, take the water taxi. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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